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Warehouse Inspection

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Workers physically inspect warehouse equipment on a regular basis. They make notes on paper and then input them into computer. It is time-consuming, error-prone and labor-intensive. Also, employee fraud may happen.



Deploy RFID and barcoding technology with WEPOY handheld readers to make equipment inspection smarter. Attach UHF/HF/LF RFID or 1D/2D barcode labels to every piece of equipment. Scan these labels to automatically verify this equipment and input new inspection information via WEPOY barcode/RFID handheld computer to the backend server via 3G/4G/Wi-Fi wireless connectivity.



1. WEPOY barcode/RFID handheld reader transmits accurate inspection and maintenance data to the backend server under its fast and stable wireless communications. It eliminates human errors.

2. It helps the company fight against fraud, by requiring employees to be onsite to collect data, with real-time GRS location, thereby ensuring that the information is not fraudulent. Regular maintenance and inspection enable the warehouse facility are always in a good condition.

3. When necessary, inspectors can record the problem with a photo via WEPOY barcode/RFID handheld reader. All the messages (in text and photo) will be upgraded to the backend system, and the backend system will arrange the next maintenance according to the result.