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Warehouse operators pick items based on directors’ voice orders and paper pick lists. Wrong transaction or any other kind of mistakes are inevitable, for there is no effective system to verify transactions in real time. Workers need to manually write down each transaction and then input these inventory changes into the ERP system via computer on a daily basis. Delays happen and there can be discrepancies between the actual inventory and the recorded data. Consequently, distribution centers or retailers cannot make data-driven marketing decisions. 


WEPOY Android-based handheld barcode scanner receives electronic pick lists in real time from the backend server. It guides warehouse operators to the right space on the shortest pick path, scans products’ 1D/2D barcodes to make an automatic transaction verification, and sends the renewed inventory to the ERP system under 3G/4G/Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. 


1. Electronic pick lists are received wirelessly in real time. Getting rid of paper records saves resources and boosts accuracy and productivity. 

2. Pick lists are composed based on “shortest pick path” logic and assigned to the most suitable operators. 

3. Picking data is verified automatically by scanning products’ barcodes before operators move them to the staging area.

4. After all the required stock has been taken from the warehouse slots, real-time inventory data is updated to the ERP system. 

5. Warehouse operators can see stocks along with production date of a batch by scanning the 1D/2D barcodes, so that oldest produced batch can be transferred first.