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Cross-store Management

Time: 2022-03-31 Views:


One brand may have multiple chain stores in one area. If each store does not have access to stock levels of other physical stores, retailers cannot respond to customers’ demands no matter at which store they shop, nor can they replenish products in time to prevent shrink.


Integrate WEPOY mobile computer with RFID/barcode tags to update each store’s real-time stock in a centralized backend system wirelessly, where retailers can look up stock level at each physical location. It makes inventory level transparent and easy to be tracked.



1. Store-to-store inventory transparency can optimize sales and enhance customer loyalty.

2. As items are sold and received at each store, staff use WEPOY mobile computers to record inventory changes by scanning products’ barcode/RFID tags and the mobile data collection terminal automatically updates stock in backend server via 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. When a certain item is out of stock at one store, store associates can scan the item’s tag to view the availability at nearby stores on WEPOY mobile computers, and give customers the choice to pick it up at a nearby store.