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Commodity Shopping Guide

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Store associates spend much time and energy in counting inventory, in contrast, their time for customers reduces. When a customer requires an item of a specific color or size which is not available on the shelf, associates need time to confirm the availability, find out where this item is and look up its applied promotion.



Apply 1D/2D barcode or RFID tag to every item in the store. Store associates scan the item’s tag with WEPOY PDA to know its stock, applied price, size/color availability, etc. It reduces staff workload and improve customer experience.


1. WEPOY PDAs help retailers realize an intelligent inventory counting and an automatic update in the database, which promises the optimum number of staff will be on the sales floor interacting with customers during peak hours. Associates can also scan an item’s tag with WEPOY portable terminal to lookup the availability to better serve customers.

2. Stock data and sales data of all retailing stores are sent to the backend server under 3G/4G/Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. Retailers can adjust new pricing strategies and marketing plans to boost sales. 

3. The deployment of new technologies and PDAs sets up a positive and modern corporate image. It improves old customers’ satisfaction and attracts new customers.